1. All vases and plates to be provided by the Garden Club except those classes marked with an asterisk (*)

2. Every care will be taken by the Committee, but the Garden Club takes no responsibility for loss, injury, or damage.

3. All exhibits must have been grown, produced, made or taken by the exhibitor or been in their possession for at least 3 months prior to the show except in the Floral Art section. Those violating this rule will forfeit all prize money. The committee reserve the right to visit the garden of any exhibitor before or after the show.
All cookery, jams and preserves must have been produced by the
All photographs must have been taken by the exhibitor.
All handicrafts must have been made by the exhibitor.

4. The decision of the judge is final, including the award of trophies.

5. The judges have the right to withhold any awards at their discretion.

6. Any dispute must be given in writing to the Show Secretary or Manager, with a deposit of 50p, which will be forfeited if the objection is overruled.

7. Prize money will be paid out on the show day between 3-30 and 4-45pm. Any monies not collected one week after the show day will be considered a gift to the club.

8. No exhibits to be removed from the Show Hall until after the presentation of trophies have been concluded.

9. The committee reserves the right to refuse an entry.

10. No persons admitted during the judging, except for the judges and officials.

11. Exhibits to be staged on Friday evening between 6pm and 8pm
or between 8am and 9-45am on the day of the show.

12. All trophies to be held for one year and returned to the Show Secretary four
weeks prior to the next show. All trophies are the responsibility of the recipients
whilst in their possession and should be returned in a clean condition. Trophies
will not be engraved by New Waltham Garden Club but can be done so, if
wished, by the recipients.

13. Strictly One Entry in each class per exhibitor. 2

14. All entry forms to be in by 10pm Thursday before the show.
Entries after this time will only be accepted at the Show Managers

15 Exhibitors names must not be shown on the exhibits.

16 Exhibits in sections 15-20 must not have previously won a prize
in a New Waltham Garden Club Show.

17. Exhibits in sections 17-20 must have any signature or other
identification of ownership covered whilst being judged.

18. Exhibits in the vegetable and flower classes should be named,
where possible, for the benefit of other exhibitors and

19. Exhibits in classes 107-108-110-111-112-117-118 must have a facility
for hanging.

20. Class 89. “Recipe” This must be used when preparing for this
6oz (165mg)of Marg. 6oz (165mg) of castor sugar.
6oz (165mg) S/R flour. 3eggs.Jam filling. And icing
sugar dusting.

21. Class 83. Muffin Recipe.
250 grams self-raising flour
1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda
85 grams butter melted
2 large eggs
200 ml milk
145 grams’ caster sugar
Add to basic recipe, 1 large banana or 50 grams of chocolate chips.

Sieve flower and bicarbonate of soda together, add sugar, mix eggs,
butter, and milk together. Add banana (if using) pour the egg mixture
into the flour, add chocolate chips (if using) combine quickly
together. Spoon the mixture into muffin cases.
Oven temperature 180c FAN OVEN. 200c or 6 GAS OVENS.
Muffin Tins or “Patty Tins” with paper muffin cases.