The Committee very much regret to inform all members that due to the current ongoing coronavirus crisis, we have had, as of 16th March 2020, to cancel all speaker meetings, trips and the July Holiday.
We very much regret that the Daffodil Show is also cancelled.
Members will be contacted about these changes by letter and about any financial implications, but the safety and well being of the membership at the present time is paramount, which we are sure everyone will appreciate.
As soon as meetings reconvene the information will be on the website. Thank you all for your understanding.

The committee is delighted to announce that NICOLE HOBERN who lives in North Thoresby, has agreed TO TAKE ON THE TASK OF CHAIRMAN OF THE CLUB. We are extremely grateful to Nicky and know all members will be glad to give her a warm welcome and support her each month. Nicky has been keen to “be of use” since joining the Club and has certainly stepped up to the mark.

Nicky’s friend, HELEN PIDGEN – also of North Thoresby – has volunteered to be Programme Secretary. Speakers for this year are booked but Helen has already got next year’s programme (2020) in hand! There’s efficiency for you!

This is the marvellous thing about our Club. We worry about jobs that just need to be taken on and somebody always steps up. Allan Michael and Mike McCarthy have stepped up to learn the ropes for arranging the Shows ready for Bill and Jean’s retirement after 2020 so the future of the Club looks good.

Most of you will know by now that Pat Sheard has retired from the position of Chairman of the Club after several years as either Secretary or Chairman. She was presented with a magnificent Lime tree (with fruit) and a large terracotta pot in which to pot it on in due course together with a certificate of Honorary Life Membership of the Club.

Pat was thrilled with her gift (but admits she is terrified she might kill it off!!)