We are back up and running!

Aug 2021: We are pleased to have Pauline Thomas join the Committee. Pauline will take on the daunting task of Trips Manager as well, for which we are all extremely grateful!

July 2021: Bill and Jean are stepping down from the Committee at the end of 2021. This will leave a massive hole in our structure – they have selflessly given a massive amount of  time over many years which has  enabled the Club to be the success it is. However, they will still be involved with the Daffodil Show next April before they hand over to Allan and Nichola. Our Secretary, Linda Wragg will take over the duties of Membership Secretary, and communications will come from myself and Linda. We are hoping that other club members will be willing to join the Committee, as there are now 3-4 vacancies.

June2021: It is with great sadness that I have to report the death of Freda Fisher this June. Freda has been a long standing Committee Member and great supporter of the club. She was still attending Committee Zoom meetings until April this year! She will be greatly missed. 

Allan and Nichola Michael are forging ahead with the daunting task of taking over the running of the September Show from Bill and Jean. We are extremely grateful to them all as this has been a very challenging time to take on this demanding undertaking. Bill and Jean work tirelessly throughout the year in order to maintain the smooth running of the show, acquiring sponsorship and organising the entries and classes. The Club is enhanced by their joint efforts and it is good that they are able to pass the baton on to another set of safe hands. Nichola will also be joining the Committee in order to help fulfil the role. Many thanks to all four!

After six years of organising days out and holidays, Ann Taylor has resigned as Trips Manager and Vice Chair from the start of this year. We are all extremely grateful to Ann for all her hard work over the years, ensuring we had an outing most months and an annual holiday, at a very reasonable cost. An amazing achievement! Thanks similarly to Eva, who likewise contributed a great deal to our trips out. We shall miss these steady hands on the tiller. We are grateful to Allan Michael for stepping into the role of Vice Chair to support the Club.

Our Treasurer, Pam Islip is also stepping down at the end of 2021. Pam had given notice to step down at this year’s AGM, but has remained in post due to the difficulties of finding a replacement in these exceptional times. Another extremely steady pair of hands who has given many years to looking after our finances. We are all extremely grateful, Pam. Thank you! The good news is that Mike McCarthy is in the process of taking over as Treasurer. We are very grateful to Mike for taking on this quite demanding role.

The committee is delighted to announce that NICOLE HOBERN who lives in North Thoresby, has agreed TO TAKE ON THE TASK OF CHAIRMAN OF THE CLUB. We are extremely grateful to Nicky and know all members will be glad to give her a warm welcome and support her each month. Nicky has been keen to “be of use” since joining the Club and has certainly stepped up to the mark.

Nicky’s friend, HELEN PIDGEN – also of North Thoresby – has volunteered to be Programme Secretary. Speakers for this year are booked but Helen has already got next year’s programme (2020) in hand! There’s efficiency for you!

This is the marvellous thing about our Club. We worry about jobs that just need to be taken on and somebody always steps up. Allan Michael and Mike McCarthy have stepped up to learn the ropes for arranging the Shows ready for Bill and Jean’s retirement after 2020 so the future of the Club looks good.

Most of you will know by now that Pat Sheard has retired from the position of Chairman of the Club after several years as either Secretary or Chairman. She was presented with a magnificent Lime tree (with fruit) and a large terracotta pot in which to pot it on in due course together with a certificate of Honorary Life Membership of the Club.

Pat was thrilled with her gift (but admits she is terrified she might kill it off!!)